Cloud Object Storage: Always Available, Always Safe.

Danger of periodic back-ups

Using periodic backups to protect your cloud object stores might be standard, but do you know:

Cyber-risk rising

Last year 39% of enterprises experienced a breach in their cloud systems.

Ransomware attacks on cloud storage are increasing.

Resiliancy is becoming a priority.

Supplier reliance

Today most cloud systems are reliant on their cloud provider staying up, guarantees of uptime are comforting but have no teeth. Worse still, it's easy to lose access to accounts or for billing mixups to cause outages and data loss.

A better way

Umbra Shadowstream™ sits between your applications and cloud storage, seamlessly and continuously distributing it into quantum-safe shadows stored with multiple providers and under your control.

To store your object, Umbra casts 7 Shadows™ that are stored in at least 7 different cloud storage providers. No Shadow™ contains any of the original information, and changing any byte of the original changes every Shadow™. And each Shadow™ is mathematically provably undecryptable, regardless of future advances in quantum computing or decryption.

To recover the original any 4 of the Shadows™ are required, then the maths is reversed and the object available to the application

Umbra ShadowStream™ implements the AWS S3 API so is a drop in enhancement for web applications using AWS or any of their compatible equivalent services.

You can learn more about the technology in this short video.


Umbra Shadowstream™ means your valuable data is secure and available:

Handily, by sharing the storage of data across multiple providers, you might no longer feel it essential that you pay the weighty premiums for AWS or Azure, so your cost of storage can be reduced, saving you money every month.



About Umbra Systems Limited

The team at Umbra are experienced engineers with an obsession with building robust cloud systems.

We recognised that many customers were finding it impractical to build cloud-provider resiliant systems and were struggling with protecting vital data.

Umbra Systems Limited is a UK limited liability company registered in England and Wales.

Other applications

Umbra is working with partners to apply the technology to other key applications where data security and resiliance are key. If you have an interest in such areas please contact us.

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