Cloud Object Storage: Always Available, Always Safe.
Always available: No single-point of failure, 3-fault tolerant, distributed storage.
Always secure: Provably undecryptable, backed-up and quantum-safe.
Always green: 41% lower carbon footprint than the alternatives.
Potential for new cost savings.

Umbra ShadowStream™

Umbra’s unique maths distributes your data securely and redundantly across 7 cloud providers.

You are free of any single point of failure, and secure against breaches on any of those services.

Umbra reduces your carbon footprint: typically by 41%. Umbra has the potential to save approximately the same carbon emissions as all airline travel.

AWS S3 Security & Cost Review

Umbra will provide a review of your current AWS (or compatible) S3 Security posture & costs. We will walk through your S3 settings and backup arrangements and provide a written report and recommendations. Please contact us for pricing.

Introductory offer: this security review is free for companies spending over £1000 per month on S3-type services.

Learn more about cloud storage risks.


Umbra is compatible with any storage provider that implements the AWS S3 API. At present there are over 30 of these. Here is a sample:

Pick 7, depend on any 4

Changing over to Umbra only requires changing storage credentials; all the content is copied in the background. So there's no downtime. Umbra makes it easy to run the legacy storage in parallel with Umbra for complete confidence.

Find out about implementing Umbra ShadowStream.

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